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Posted by Mia Kaminsky in Obviously Not Important Enough To Name?

Is SEO considered Spam?

The short answer is no, if it’s done the right way. Google needs your SEO to ensure that your site is a valuable tool. After all, if no one can find your website, then what good is it to you?

I have to explain my job fairly often, to clients and friends alike. Most techies know what it means, but some of them have been conditioned to look down on SEO. This is because some of the “experts” in SEO use those “black-hat” techniques, mentioned in the video below. To be clear, we do not employ the use of those spammy methods. We are true experts (no quotation marks needed here) with a desire to do it the right way for you, and get you more bang for your buck.

Yes, we do all the [good] things that he talks about in this video, and more. Basically, we are here to make your website work for you. We’ll help you with everything from the actual architecture of the site, to the graphic designs, to the SEO that makes your site more visible. Watch the video below to understand more of what we do and why.



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