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CPC, PPC Campaigns & Advertising

Cost Per Click/Pay Per Click

What is CPC/PPC?

Let’s start by defining CPC, or PPC; it’s really quite simple. Wikipedia defines CPC as “an internet advertising model used to direct traffic to websites, where advertisers pay the publisher when the ad is clicked. ” The method used, as well as the cost incurred, is dependent on your target market and where you are advertising. Newspapers and television use a different approach called “pay per impression.”

CPC Adverting campaigns have enormous potential, but they can also be a HUGE waste of money if you don’t have a grasp of effective methods. E Market Solutions has had new clients PROUD of the traffic volumes they were incurring, only to find out that no conversion tracking was applied to the account. This means that, previous to our services, no sales were actually directly created due the $.75 per click being paid for the traffic. Tragic.

So let’s go back to what CPC really can do for your business. It CAN be a immediate  source for attracting new customers/clients that are ALREADY looking for your product or service directly. CPC can have your business website at the TOP RANKING position for 100 keywords tomorrow, given your monthly budget. E Market can cut through the red tape that prevents you from cashing in on one of the most effective methods of creating new leads and generating sales online.

What can you expect when starting CPC?

CPC takes a few days to target and set-up, but approximately three months to hone. Upon initiation of a CPC account, traffic volumes will begin to rise. Users (potential clients) who search for your product or service will have pages and pages of search results to comb through. But, thanks to our combined efforts in CPC, they are directly led to your site by way of simple, three-line ads. These ads will appear in the search engines your users already use, as well as participating industry websites. Over the course of 90 days, E Market staff will monitor your CPC account closely for developing trends. During the honing process, the daily budget is targeted, and special focus is paid to raising conversion rates. (That’s where your leads come from!)

E Market Solutions can make CPC easy for you.  Contact Abby to get your CPC account set-up today.